Our telematics service provides GPS tracking on vehicles digitally. Hence, you can start monitoring driver’s behaviour, analysing routes & mileage, improve productivity of your fleet in long run. In the event of security or other reasons, you can also ascertain the real-time location of vehicle as well as immobilise it within a few clicks.

Above mentioned tasks are easily performed via the user-friendly web and mobile applications.

In brief summary, our telematics service covers the following key features: –

  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Replay historical route of vehicle (up to 3 months)
  • Set geo-fence (create permissible travel boundaries of vehicles)
  • Generate fleet reports (i.e. exceed speed limit, cross geo-fence boundaries, travelled distance etc)
  • Vehicle status, location, speed real-time basis
  • Multi-vehicle tracking and management
  • Remote immobiliser – lock / unlock the movement of a vehicle via web or mobile apps

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